August 6, 2011 11:14 pm

Among my spree of (some semi-) tragic love stories…

of which I am THOROUGHLY enjoying… 

I have seen Crazy, Stupid, Love—in theatre, two Saturdays in a row.

There really is something about watching either jilted, lost, or tragic romances.  Unlike romance comedies, where they all END UP… in LOVE, there’s something so much more satisfying in watching a romance end, in front of you, on screen.  Satisfying not because it was just a great story.  Satisfying, because whoever it was that put whatever in the film you just saw gave you some sort of image/portrayal of love, you’re happy because somewhere in those two hours of motion picture magic, you almost felt like you saw two people in love.  They may either fall out of it or die in the end, but you saw it happen.  Maybe that’s why I think Crazy, Stupid, Love was so great. When you see the tragedy in the beginning, how it’s being worked through, and how the characters are dealing with the tragedy of losing love or realizing they never knew what it meant to love… even more so do they need to make sense of what love is.

And that’s what makes these such a great watch—in a world that craves love constantly.